Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping & Other Holiday Stuff

Last Minute Bargains Anyone?

Usually by this time on the calendar in recent years I've already gotten my Christmas Cards mailed and most if not all of my Christmas gifts on the way to their recipients.

Not so this year...for a variety of reasons including myopia and dyslexia and laziness and sloveness and by and large CASH FLOW because we've spent a TON of money getting relocated out here to the Okla-By-God-Dang-Homa and even when I had the CASH I didn't have the time and we refuse to put Christmas presents on a Credit Card.

But the bottom line this morning is that we personally already have our Christmas presents for our household because we absolutely LOVE the Broken Arrow/Eastern Tulsa geographic area and I LOVE my new job and Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup and I LOVE our new house and new neighborhood.

Regarding everyone else...

...we're going shopping on line now in the next couple of days and in some of the local "brick and mortar stores" this weekend and hopefully by Monday morning everything will be on the way to our friends and family.

Honestly we've had some interesting Christmas holidays together over the past ten years living in Atlanta and Florida and on an Island on the Georgia Coast and visiting the Farm in Alabama.


This one is partially by design and partially by circumstance going to be spent "stranded" alone in the middle of the mid-west.

My new company has a nice Christmas party this weekend in a fancy hotel with an open bar and dinner and we've got a room there in the building for Saturday night after the celebration.

And I've got some other ideas for entertaining Pat and the Turbo Pup for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

So while the family and friends we're missing are residing dozens of hours away by car we're going to get along just fine out here in Oklahoma.

Hope everyone has been a Good Girl or Boy and your Christmas stocking has something other than a lump of coal in it.

Later Y'all...

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