Wednesday, January 04, 2012

More Stolen Votes?

Iowa Caucuses Prove Feckless And Inept...

In an era of technology advancement and endless touting of our modern era having the ability to advance and improve the quality of our life...

Once again--like Bush-v-Gore and the US Supreme Court decision --here now in THE VERY FIRST guage of which candidate should represent the Conservative Republican Party tonight I see potential voter fraud and intentional manipulation of our 2012 Presidential election compromised.

Don't get me wrong here Ladies and Gentlemen.

I really don't give a green gosh darn about what the people in Iowa ceremoniously marching around in tonight's "caucus" process think about who should be living on Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House in late January 2013.

What I do care about is that when and if we re-elect the multi-cultural, multi-ethical, multi-colored "community organizer in-chief" presently residing in the oval office that he is presented with a valad opponent and here from the outset of the official process to determine a Republican Candidate the Idiots out in Iowa can't execute a process they've been doing for nearly a century without screwing things up and losing critical ballots from critical precints.

One minute they're passing laws taking our rights away from us and making it hard or illegal to own a gun while at the same time playing games and screwing around with the very process which determines who gets to pass those same laws and legislation.

I don't know about you, but Belize or Costa Rica is looking pretty good.

Come to think of it, just writing about this crap after watching it unfold makes head hurt so I have to go and do some more stuff now...

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