Monday, April 30, 2012

Galveston...OH Galveston...

Blogging Live From The Texas Gulf Coast...

I'm pleased to report that later this afternoon we're packing the Turbo Pup's lockers and sea chests up, along with our luggage, and heading back across the Bolivar Peninsula from Galveston Island toward Hobby Airport in south Houston.

You see, Little Missy made her first airliner flight with us last Thursday morning from Tulsa to Houston on our way to a long beach weekend and boy has that little dog had a good time in the process. She did fabulously on the trip down sitting in her soft crate under the seat for takeoff and landing and hanging out in the middle seat between us on the Boeing 737 in mid flight with her head sticking out the top.

So any way...regarding my blogging...or rather...the lack thereof...

All I can say is this:

New house, new yard (and new lawn mower and weed eater and leaf blower and wagon to go with it) and an incredibly busy professional schedule has left me mentally exhausted as I come up to speed with my new position as the "Lead Structural Engineer" responsible for tens of millions of dollars worth of steel and refractory structures weighing millions and millions of pounds.

But things have settled down a good deal now over the past month or so and I've even had time to resurrect an ancient hobby of mine which had sort of been abandoned over the past twenty years or so.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I've gotten back into building (and soon flying) Radio Controlled MODEL AIRPLANES again, and what a difference two decades makes in the technologies available to today's modelers.

The days when if old guys like me wanted something that would fly we were forced to sit around sniffing strong smelling glue and paints and solvents while making tons of chips and sawdust out of sheets, blocks, and strips of balsa wood are over with unless you just like doing things that way (which I do.)

Today you can jump in the car and run down to the hobby store or dial up the Internet and get out your credit card and 24 hours later you are standing in your front yard with a fully finished working model airplane (or car or boat or whatever else you want to drive around.)

I've got a wooden glider kit with a 2 meter wingspan almost finished and two other kits...another 2 meter glider and a small nitro fuel powered trainer sitting unbuilt in boxes on a shelf, and an ever growing assortment of new and used trophies like engines and electric motors and batteries and RC transmitters I found for bargan prices on E-Bay ready to be installed so I can take to the skys at the local flying club field... the Tulsa Glue Dobbers...which I just joined this month.

The Glue Dobbers are the oldest continuously chartered Radio Controlled flying club in the entire United States, and they have a beautiful property with a paved runway and other amenities located less than FOUR MILES from my house...on the way to my OFFICE, so if you don't hear from me a  bunch again in the near future you will know where to look to find me.

Until then, good to be back writing again here on the old Blog.

Take care everybody...and Regard's Y'all...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Reagan would love to see your plane. We look at them at the hobby store from time to time and we may let him get one when he is a little bit older. :-) Have you been seeing my FB photos - he is growing so fast.