Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Watch Out Everybody

That Wild Puppy's Back In Town...

Well...we made it back home after a surprisingly uneventful flight from Houston's Hobby International Airport to Tulsa about fifteen minutes early yesterday afternoon.

The round trip from the new Turbo Pup Compound West (conviently located here on the Banks of the Mighty Arkansas River) to the Texas Gulf Coast and back represents a new travel milestone for little Missy the Turbo Pup and her family pack.

Now she can pretty much go anywhere Pat and I want to go visit by water or road and now by air in the future.  I'm making preliminary plans for a trip this fall to either the US Virgin Islands or the Bahamas (both pet friendly areas without quarantine rules) and of course there are trips to visit extended family and friends living in locartions up and down the east coast and only reachable by air without enduring a two plus day car trip each way.

Time now to pour my second cup of coffee and get some foundation loading drawings moving before the entire engineering staff from our customer's field offices shows up at my door here.

Hope everyone has a LOVELY day...

Regard's Y'all...

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