Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If All You Have Is A Hammer

Everything Looks Like A Nail…

Well, I’m off to Brunswick later this morning, escorted by a few hundred pounds of my latest acquired tools and supplies, intent on making my own personal dust storm bysometime around noon.

I use the term “dust storm” because today I’ll be doing the easiest form of construction work…

D E M O L I T I O N.

I have to remove the cabinets, appliances, and fixtures from two kitchens and one bathroom over the next few days. I actually hope to finish in one day, but with my luck the previous owners/builder used super glue or atomic powered nails or something else incredibly strong to mount the hideous looking dirty monstrosities to the walls, ceiling, and floors.

Any way, if you have the time take a look at the latest satellite photos on the internet later today--I’ll be the guy in the dirty white tee-shirt standing there under the little poof of clouds seen hovering over the New Town area of Downtown Brunswick.

I’m also undertaking the tedious task of meeting representatives from the local utilities so that I’ll have lights over my head and water (hopefully not under my feet) through the renovation process. Since I have firm appointments for “sometime today,” I’m fairly certain to have a working light bulb by sometime next week if I‘m lucky.

Wish me luck...

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