Monday, May 14, 2007

We've Been Invaded

Nothing's Safe Now From My Knees Down...

Whew...I'm tired.

Yesterday evening I arrived back home to my beloved St. Simons Island having endured a self-imposed extended absence that included surviving a little over three months of fairly interesting existence outside the boundaries of my normal mode of living.

Yesterday's grand finale of my adventure included a three hour stint spent driving back from southern Alabama through the edges of the smoke plume generated by the wildfires currently assaulting south Georgia and northeast Florida.

Various details are bound to leak out here over the next few weeks, but the only things I can tell you right now (without having to kill you) are:

A) Partially as a result of my efforts, almost everyone in central Alaska and the Tar-Sand areas of southern Alberta, Canada now know everything there is to know about the dangers of a phenomena called "waterhammer" (A.K.A. transients in hydronic systems.)

B) I'm in the middle of designing two 115' tall stacks for a customer in California, actually making a little extra cash using a skill I spent much of the 1980's and 1990's perfecting and had walked away from in the year 2000.

C) I start meeting contractors this week while making application for building permits in order to begin major rennovations on my duplex rental property and to begin construction of three new spec houses over on the mainland.

Meanwhile, I'm spending what extra time I have left over trying to not step on or otherwise offend this small yet deadly animal:

That black and tan thing in the middle of the photo is a one pound head and mouth attached to a one pound body a lovely little minature long haired dachshund puppy (photo taken back in March.)

Here's one of her beauty pagent proofs:

And finally, here's what she looked like (all five pounds worth) lounging by the pool at my mom's house this past weekend.

I have to go now and bow down to her majesty's latest whim...I think I hear her squeeking...

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