Friday, May 16, 2008

Fruits Of My Labor

A Weak Day Week Day Off...

Well folks, I can check "Work Week II" off the old To-Do list this morning.

So far so good, and working four ten hour days every other week to get in my 40 hours will definitely yield benefits necessary to balm my professional beach bum spirit...

...two three day weekends every month this summer, without taking a day of vacation!!!

How cool is that?

Meanwhile, even though today is a well earned "holiday", I plan on spending the morning putting together two of my patented home made Pizzas--one Hawaiian and one "Garbage" (everything)--and delivering them to the lunch room at my new office about noon today.

I let the word leak out earlier and one guy (Russ) that's on my "four-ten" schedule is driving in for lunch even though he's supposed to be off today because he can't stand missing the event.

I hope I don't freeze up under the pressure...wish me luck...if you will.

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