Monday, May 12, 2008

Successful Week Ends

None Too Soon...

Dang am I ever happy that this past week is over with. Not to say that we didn't get a heck of a lot accomplished, but I can't expect to continue the pace I had set for myself and maintain my sanity and ever improving health.

To start the week out, my delinquent Suburban unexpectedly arrived by auto carrier late Monday afternoon--undamaged.

Then as the week unfolded I actually was busy at work catching up on using AutoCAD 2006 while developing a couple of projects for a Coke (as in steel mill Coke, not the soft drink) facility up in Ohio.

Meanwhile I worked six out of seven of the past evenings for at least three hours finishing up the design and drawings for the Mississippi stack project. The calcs and drawing go to the customer later this morning.

Missy the Turbo Pup had a busy week keeping everyone in line with her little herding standards, then she finished with a flourish by JUMPING OUT OF THE BASKET ON PAT'S BICYCLE WHILE ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD AT 10 MPH.

I was driving at the time and freaked out as she lept over the front of the bike, but other than bruising her ego apparently she was uninjured by the impromptu gymnastic feat. I scooped her up and hauled her little butt home without further incident.

Then we learned by telephone that our old Condo neighborhood at Sea Palms on St. Simons took a direct hit by a tornado late yesterday afternoon. I hope everyone is OK down there, but I'm glad we're a few hundred miles north of the action this morning.

This week will feature work during the day and continued organization of my home office and basement workshop--areas that have been neglected thus far in our efforts to move in and settle down into a new ritual in a new setting.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and I'll try to come up with something glib to rant about now that I've got a little spare time on my hands.

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