Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are You an A**Hole?

You Know Who You Are...

I was just watching the start of today's NASCAR race out on the Left Coast in Sonoma, CA.

First I thought it sucked that the PA announcer actually has to ask people to stand and remove their hats for the prayer and singing of our National Anthem.

Then again...the beer and tequila has taken effect and most good ole boys with any sense and rasin' will comply when reminded.

When the TV camera panned through the crowd I saw a bunch of men who were obviously too important ( or just plain stupid) to take off their hats.

MY ever greying, ever balding head looks pretty bad on it's best day, and it certainly looks even worse when I've had a hat on and sweat my way through whatever process I've elected to undertake at a given moment, but...

NO ONE is important enough to leave their hat on while others are speaking to their Maker and saluting the flag of the country that guarantees your right to be a stupid freaking A**hole.


That will be all...for now...


Anonymous said...

My fellow LA redneck. You're preaching to the choir on this matter. I totally agree!!
Suddenly, i feel like listening to my redneck anthem "Long Haired Country Boy" by Charlie Daniels.
Rick H

Anonymous said...

I attended the regional and super regional rounds of the NCAA baseball tournament in Baton Rouge over the past couple weekends. Not only would certain members of my fellow LSU fan base not remove their hats, but at the end of the anthem, they replaced "home of the Brave" with "home of the Tigers". While it obviously wasn't a big deal to 98% of the crowd in attendance...I thought it odd that so many would be willing to desecrate our national anthem.