Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Oculus Dexter Is Overlooking My Oculus Sinister

(My Right Eye Offends Me...Or Something Like That In Latin...)

OK, excuse my Latin this morning, although I do know that "Oculus Dexter" and "Oculus Sinister" in Latin means right eye and left eye respectively.

The other thing that I know is that twelve to fourteen hour days spent sitting in front of a couple of computer monitors is starting to take it's toll. Thank God I have a 22" flat screen on the CAD machine at work, and my HP notebook is a 17" wide screen--in the old days that amount of time spent looking at a crappy low res 13" monitor I'd have already gone blind by now.

Regardless, I have two deadlines--one Friday and one Monday coming up and the rhetoric is getting shrill from both the Client and my own management about the ramifications of missing either milestone.

Problem is, I'm currently the last cog in the chain of gears forming our twirling "engineering transmission" and all I can do is wait for information to flow into my workspace so I can digest it and convert it into calculations or drawings.

As of yesterday the layout of almost two thirds of a mile of giant round duct work was still changing. And the as built's of the old Electrostatic Precipitator that's been finished and on line for nearly a year now--playing second fiddle to the aforementioned duct system.

Time to grab a shower and head into the office before the phones start ringing and the sun comes up and reminds me of the sun tan I don't have this year.

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