Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Door Knobs Short Of A Full Load

Cursed By Home Depot Inventory Control...

I've just made my that FIFTH trip to Home Depot looking to complete the new door installation project that began several weeks ago.

Usually I say that any given project requires three trips to the home improvement store:

One trip to buy what you THINK that you need.

A second trip to go back and buy the stuff that you REALLY needed in the first place.

And then one final trip to return all of the crap you bought that you didn't need in the first place or even in the end.

I sometimes just keep the left over stuff. Some day I'll open my own mini Home Depot store in my basement.

Any way...I have four new doors with four new knobs right now, and then I have an entry closet door and an office door that have 2-1/2" peep holes midget high.

Dang it...

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