Saturday, July 19, 2008

"My Kingdom For A Nice Butt"

Don't Go Getting All Worked Up...I Mean BOSTON Butt...

I just came home from the local Kroger, and yet again for the umpteenth time I came home BUTT-LESS.

Lardless also, although I did buy a little can of Crisco.

And the spice called Marjoram...

Nowhere to be found.

Whole chickens...$0.79 per pound.

Lamb, Knackwurst, Bratwurst, Tilapia, ALL resting comfortably in the Fridge or Freezer.

But BUTTS...unless, of course you're looking for the HUMAN kind...

Time to head out to the pool and smoke a nice cigar. Anyone care to join me?

Stop on by.

1 comment:

HEATHER said...

Critchfield Meats in Lexington, KY has Pork Boston Butts 6-8lb average for $1.69 per pound this week. They have excellent meats.
They are open Sunday from 11A-5P if you are in the mood for a Sunday drive. Have you tried the Sam's Club? I run across them from time to time at the Lexington Sam's.
Have you looked at Ingalls? They often have things you don't find elsewhere.