Sunday, July 20, 2008

Testing...testing..IS THIS THING ON???

Please Excuse The Silence of the Lambs My Keyboard

Sorry for my silence over the past couple of days. It's just that I can see the dust cloud on the horizon which represents the flurry of new work that's coming my way next week.

There's a scene in one of my favorite movies... "Cat Ballou", which depicts a young "Pre-Hanoi" Jane Fonda running up against a middlin' aged Lee Marvin, trying to save Miss Fonda's Bacon or a ranch or something I'm too tired to Google this morning to qualify.

My point is that I feel today much like Lee Marvin's Character..."Kid Shelleen" did in that movie, a has been gunfighter turned bar-room drunk who/whom is brought out of retirement as the plot develops to fight the battle between good and evil..

Even his horse sleeps standing up with Marvin on his back when not asked to move or accomplish anything. I guess that my 3/4 ton 4 WD 2500 series gas sucking Suburban could qualify to play the part of the Kid's horse, as I attempt to steel myself to do battle with a few hundred man-hours of Coke Plant Quench Tower and Water Clarifying basins which enter my life on Monday morning.

Hurry, hurry, step right UP, I got your steel...I got your concrete, what else could you possibly need?

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