Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All Blustering Aside...This One Might Be Serious...

OK, time to stop poking fun at the "Hurricane Hysterists" and get serious for a minute. I'm writing this after looking at the map before I change channels on the TV card to see what the Weather Channel Nerds are saying.

I just checked the 5 AM update on Gustov with NOAA

and they've predicted a more southerly/westerly track than they did at 11 PM last night, taking the storm over the warm waters between Cuba and Jamaica after washing all of the sewage out of the streets of the peninsula of Haiti.

Once it makes it across the western edge of Cuba late Saturday it looks like the whole US Gulf coast better be checking their stock of Bread, Ice, and Batteries.

A few people probably need to be gassing up their cars and tossing Grandpa and the dog into their slippers and crates in preparation for a hasty retreat by this weekend.

I say that there's nothing like a impromptu overnight sojourn to the Holiday Inn in Bumblestumble,Florida or somewhere in Eastern lower Alabama from the Florida coast--as long as you plan things in advance and leave before the tide pushes the water up to your front door and the wind speed exceeds 50 MPH.

For years Pat and I had longstanding plans to run inland into south Georgia's interior from our little Island if anything tropical actually managed to pose a serious threat to our bodies, our abode and our possessions. The idea was to move the extra car to high ground adjacent to the airport on the mainland and vamoose with the Turbo Pup and the safe, the pictures, and the computers and spend the evening singing Karaoke at the Holiday Inn Memorial Funeral Home and Hair Salon in Waycross, Georgia.

$200 well spent in my opinion.

Make your reservations early and often Folks...it looks like Hurricane season is upon us finally.

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