Saturday, August 02, 2008

Things That Make You Go "AaaarrrrrRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH$%#@*&$%$#!%#$%!!!

As For Me...I'm In Microsoft & HP Home Computer Hell

It all started about 4:30 Friday afternoon.

I had come home from my office with a song on my lips and in my heart...looking forward to a peaceful weekend without any major home improvement tasks demanding my attention and celebrating my portion of the multi million dollar quench tower design having survived the second client review in two weeks.

Then I made the mistake of attempting to fire up my HP notebook which had set idle for most of the week in my office as I pounded some sense into massaged the HP server and installed new Norton security software and cleaned up the file backup strategy.

All my HP would do is flash the initial boot up screen and then sit there with a black screen staring at me.

"Steady big fellow...just turn it back off and back'll be OK..."










ON ( the way)

Profanity never just makes you feel better or foolish depending on who's listening.

Now a quick rummage through the filing cabinet looking for of all manuals and most of all...


Please, please, please let the brain in my ever greying, ever balding head remember correctly and find that I had made recovery disks when I bought that computer.

NO Recovery DisksssssssSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


But wait...

There's not one but TWO hard disks in that machine...120 GB EACH!

And there's a recovery partition on the second DRIVVVVVVEEEEEEEE!

Praise the Lord...

Cancel that Ammunition Order...

To make a long story even longer, now, almost TWELVE HOURS later, my beloved HP laptop has moved past the stages of drooling on itself and needing diapers, and is basically the same machine I turned off for the last time on Monday or Tuesday...


Some of the software like my NORTON ANTIBOT and other SECURITY SOFTWARE still has to be re-downloaded and re-installed.

And God knows what else I'll find when I take the piece of crap machine with me on our long weekend trip back to our little island this coming weekend.

I guess that this is what I get for ignoring the little bugger (the computer) all week for the first time in two years in favor of the new Server and threatening to put it into the shop to have the AC power jack replaced after tripping over the power cord twenty seven times and making it act all squirrely if you don't wiggle the power cord right when you plug it in.

Now, just when I think that I'm out of trouble, I discover that for some reason THIS BLOG cannot be accessed by MS Internet Explorer from either the Server or my laptop.


I just updated my Mozilla Firefox Web Browser to the latest 3.0 version and the blog loads fine.

Imagine that?

Could it be that my recent politically incorrect postings using the N-word or my Nancy Pelosi photo montage earned me some kind of Blogger or Microsoft curse keeping YOU, my dear regular readers (all twelve of you scattered between Louisiana, through Florida and Alabama, the Carolina's, up to Connecticut) from reading my rantings?

I certainly hope not, but we'll see.

Y'all have yourselves a nice weekend...If you will...


My head's starting to move at orbital rotational velocity...

I can't get my cooking blog The Redneck Gourmet nor any of my fellow politically incorrect southern conservative bloggers like Blond Sagicity, the angry Cuban over at Babalu Blog, nor
Roger's site at "Curmudgeonly & Skeptical" to load on either of my PC's using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the Server didn't crash yesterday and I haven't screwed around with my software on that machine either.

What's going on here...Ladies & Gentlemen?

E-mail me at if you can't get this site to load in Internet Explorer so I can attempt to get to the bottom of the problem before I disappear down the crapper into ancient Internet history.

(I guess if it won't load you won't know about the problem either...)


ed drew said...

whew, thank goodness you mentioned reader(s) in Louisiana. I guess you know by now that most of the blog contact problems are (were) related to users of IE and blogs with sitemeter. I think they have mostly been resolved. I use Firefox, so had no problems.

HEATHER said...

I think it is a virus that has invaded the Norton and replicates it in some way. My husband has got the same thing going on with his desktop.
We are ready to sledgehammer the thing!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is find on my end... here in East Tennessee.