Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hey...YOU There...


I know, I know I KNOW...

it's a sad day because the 90% of working Americans which actually have a job have to go back to work today.

And of course all of the kids have to go back to school (parents taking a collective sigh of relief.)

And the Summer weather is rapidly changing to fall and the Turbo Pup pool will soon be too cold to use--probably within the next two weeks.

But the seasons are changin' and I've already got leaves falling out in the yard and I guess that I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and the fall colors coming back.

We're planning a trip to the beach down on the Gulf coast in the middle of this month in order to prolong my suntan just a little longer, then I guess I'll buckle down and try to get some real work done and do some end of the year planning professionally.

Y'all have a lovely week...

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