Thursday, September 09, 2010

Qur'an Bar-B-Que Recipies

A Redneck Invitation For My Own Personal Jihad...

Is anyone but me tired of the so-called "news stories" involving some slack jawed moron/self-described preacher down in Florida's much ballyhooed public intent to burn some copies of the Qur'an (or Quaran or Koran or however you choose to spell the book)???

He couldn't just go out on E-bay or Amazon or down to the local Muslim Propaganda Book Store (Jihad-R-Us) and buy a few dozen copies and toss them in a bonfire while singing Kumbaya with his fellow in-bred parishioners...

NoooooOOOO...had to call the local news and then the ASSociated Press picked up the story and ran with it and here we all are today red faced with Generals and Senators and Secretaries of State all tossing in their two cents worth on the issue.

I've had it up to here...pointing to the top of my ever greying, ever balding head...with this insane media attention to total non-events which 100 years ago(or even 25 years ago for that matter) would slide past on the calendar without even so much as a whimper in the local news papers.

Back then we were all worried about the KKK and the Catholics fighting Baptists in Ireland and the Simbanese Liberation Army and the Unabomber and Pet Rocks and Mood Rings and other important stuff like that.

Yet today this idiot's possibly well intended and sincere announcement that he's going to burn a couple of books WHICH ARE HIS PROPERTY AND HE HAS PAID FOR has caused half the planet to go into an uproar and all of our elitist "better" governing class to come out and comment on the non-issue.

Let me remind everyone hyperventilating about this subject about a couple of things.

The American Flag is burned almost every day by "activists" in our own country and over seas.

And the Holy Bible is confiscated and desecrated by the Saudi's and Sunis and Shias as a mater of law and political tradition and we don't miss a beat chewing our TV dinners watching the 6 O'clock evening news.

And the "Code Pink" Lesbians and Trans-sexuals run around in churches splashing fake blood on old Catholic ladies and then plead to misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace, at worse, and the folks in the state houses of NY and San Francisco and up in Washington DC simply, "tolerantly", turn their head and start talking about blaa blaa blaa "Amendment Rights" and freedom of expression.

And what's the real difference when it comes down to dotting the "I's" and crossing the "T's" except how the idiots which are insulted by the gestures respond?

You know?

Well, I have THIS to say about THAT (Qur'an burning) if you feel Americans should get all worked up about the subject after sitting through everything which has happened around here since the Vietnam War.

SCREW YOU and YOUR POLITICIANS' sniveling, self-important, introspective, sensitive, pompas attitudes.

If you insist on telling the guy he can't burn SIMPLE THINGS LIKE BOOKS which are his property because you ARE AFRAID that the radical towel headed islamofascists will hate us even more and want to kill us any more than they already are CRAZY and UNINFORMED.

Many of these people are either so ignorant or so crazy they believe that their Allah--God--is actually embodied in the Qur'an just like Christians believe that Christ was our God in physical form embodied on the earth. (And while I'm at it I'll mention that my old ex-grandfather-in-law believed that the King James Version of the Bible was the literal word of God and that it was originally written in English and not Hebrew and Greek and Arabic...)

Religion makes people crazy...only here in the good old US of A a lot of people do things like frown on drinking whisky and dancing too close and adultery and cutting the grass on Sunday.

But if you want to get totally shit-faced and dance your way across your front yard naked having sex with your next door neighbor's wife while pushing your lawnmower on Sunday afternoon you might turn a few heads or cause a few fingers to wag, but we won't come over and set off an explosion with a 1000 pounds of TNT in your garage the next morning.


Yet we all already know that these wild-eyed Muslim terrorists will use any excuse up to and including things like "it's Tuesday" or "he was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt" or anything else they can find to explain their actions when the smoke clears and the shrapnel lands on your Prias' hood.

And I say that there are much more serious things going on in the country and in the world to debate rather than spending 12 hours a day broadcasting news and commentary about mouth-breathing, sloped forehead people like this looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Got it?


I'm glad we got that straightened out, and now I have to go and light my Webber Kettle using a couple of copies of the Qur'an and some hand draw cartoons of Mohammad.

I want to smoke some Hams and Pork Butts for this weekend, and Allah and Mohammad will hopefully enjoy the gesture and unique Muslim religion inspired flavor imparted therein...

(what? so sue me or come over and blow up my Redneck ass...dammit...)

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Emre said...

I cannot agree more about the bloated media coverage :D