Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Liberals Progressives On Parade

More Insensitive Observations...

It kills me every year when inevitably, at the end of a hot dry summer, the fruits of the labors of the sniveling, booger eating, tye died, patchouli stinking tree hugging eco-friendly liberals progressives comes to bear and most of the western United by-God States of 'Merica spontaneously burst into flame.

Generally all of the loud mouthed Hollywood asshats that live out in Malibu and up in the hills overlooking downtown Los Angeles are the main ones affected, but this year the Weather Channel just showed me a bunch of Colorado Tree Huggers near Boulder lamenting the latest round of fires destroying their homes and businesses...

aided and abetted by their very own policies and programs preventing the cutting of underbrush and making controlled smoke using prescribed burns to get rid of the very kindling fueling the fires incinerating their possessions today.

These people are, by and large, the very same people which vote to pass laws and resolutions trying to keep the canyons and other wild areas they are invading for millions of dollars each in what they consider to be a "pristine" condition, while at the same time driving land costs up and the indigenous populations of wildlife and historic "poor blue collar" occupants out of the area under the guise of "zoning" and "beautification" and "conservation."

Of course millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent in hiring the services of fire fighters and air tankers, but the liberal lamestream media insists on ignoring the underlying realities of these people's conscious risk taking behavior in locating in these historically fire prone areas and the civic and government mandates which further enhance the probability of disaster.

And of course since the people look like this:

...instead of this...

and further since they aren't relying on this guy to run things:

(that would be former New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin)

where are the cries for FEMA assistance and the partisan blamers getting on George Bush?

Just wondering...

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