Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saying What You Mean...And Meaning What You Say...

It's All Slowly Becoming Illegal Today

I'm not sorry this morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, but this Thanksgiving Season finds me more than a bit perturbed.

I'm afraid that I'm more likely to just sit around sulking to myself rather than running around publicly giving thanks for stuff I benefit from in what up until now has been a fairly good life.

Let me see if venting here on the Blog this morning will relieve a little of the pressure on my Spleen so I can take a complete breath and relieve the pain that proceeds up my spinal cord from my rectum to the base of my cranium...

Here goes...

You see, it's like this to this middle aged, ever greying, ever balding white man of Anglo Saxon descent.

It seems to me that all of the professional "do-gooders" and elected "busy bodies" i.e. the self proclaimed philanthropists and politicians have taken away--slowly, and incrementally-- much of what I consider to be most everything fun out of living life here in America.

And the stuff that you can still do that could be considered fun they've installed handrails on and passed laws and installed placards with instructions indicating why and how I can't have fun using the aforementioned things which are supposed to be fun to use.

I present as evidence the 99.9 percent of the hotels out there with swimming pools which are either only 4 feet deep else are 10 feet deep but instead of a fiberglass diving board today only have some caulk or epoxy filler sealing up the holes where the diving board was in the 1960's.

Further, in business and personal relationships, we can't call an asshole an "asshole", we can't call a useless-nigger-wife- beating-son-of-a-bitch a "useless-nigger-wife-beating-son-of-a-bitch," and now on an international basis...when towel headed Iranian Mullahs build Centrifuges we have to have "multi-lateral talks"...

...or when the the slanted eyed idiot shit headed communist North Koreans...

the same slanted eyed idiot shit headed communist North Koreans that were lobbing artillery shells across the 38th parallel in the early 1950's over my uncle's heads during our so-called "police action" in that area...

YES...when those same slanted eyed idiot shit headed comunists yesterday started lobbing artillery shells again across the so called "de-militarized zone" around the 38th parallel....

all we as Americans get in response  is bloviating by the President and Secretary of State while everyone looks at their watches and wonders what time to put the turkey in the oven and if they need anything else from the Grocery store before Thursday noon.

All of that said, I'm here this morning to set a few things straight for anyone that doesn't have a cranium full of cranberry sauce and/or hasn't shoved so much stuffing up their ass and down their throat that all of their blood supply is diverted to their intestinal tract for the balance of the year 2010.



And we need to take ACTION...


Just because it's the "holiday season" doesn't mean that we can change TV channels and wait until January 3rd to catch up on what went on while we were at the airport having safe sex with a TSA worker wearing blue latex gloves.

Further, and more specifically, sitting around watching College Football games and picking your nose and going deer and turkey hunting after goofing around the yard with the kids and grand kids while burping the essence of left over Green Bean Casserole isn't going to get you any further away from the inevitable.

We all voted recently for a group of people which we hope will make some important changes in the way this country conducts it's financial and foreign affairs, but unlike your automobile you just can't point the government down the road and put things on cruise control and wait to see what destination you arrive at.

There's still a whole lot of navigating and management that has to be accomplished, and I'm not quite certain that the crew we have in the American cockpit is competent and up to the task yet.

Am I the only one that watches the news and gets more concerned and agitated every day while looking at the crap being foisted on the world in general and blamed on or placed in the lap of America and Americans in general?

There's not enough liquor in the liquor store and Marijuana in Mexico to numb me enough to dull the sense of anger and anguish I feel right now...

...and that's the way it is...November 24, 2010

(and screw Walter Conkite in his moldy grave...)

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