Thursday, November 25, 2010

Simple Things I Miss On Thanksgiving

(Also Known as STIMOT for short)

I was just thinking about "the "good old days" a little bit here on this Thanksgiving morning.

You know what?

I remember back in the "good old days" when my Pa and Mama Rushing were still alive and every year we literally had brown paper grocery bags full of fresh pecans sitting around in our garage and basement waiting for me to sit down in the floor with a hammer and crack them.

"Eat two...put two or three halves into  the recycled Cool whip or Tupperware bowl."

That was the way things worked.

If you wanted a fruit cake or some other holiday delicacy which contained Pecans you didn't go to the store...

you walked out into the Garage and started cracking fresh nuts.

Even my Grandfather's black and white "Tri" colored Collie dogs--first a majestic beast named "Champ" and later a friendly fellow named "JoJo"-- would crack their own pecans and drool all over themselves from the taste of the bitter shells if you were picking pecans and didn't crack open a few extras for them.

Knowing a couple of real good professional working farm dogs was a singular pleasure unto itself outside the culinary aspects of pecan harvesting...but I digress...

So I really miss the days when we had so many pecans around our house that we used to dump last years' left over inventory out down by the fence in the back yard for the squirrels and chipmunks to eat because we had more coming in the house from this years' crop.

I probably watched $10,000 worth of pecans go to waste back then at today's prices.

Isn't it funny how people can be rich in so many ways, spiritually and physically,  and not even know it at the time?

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