Monday, December 06, 2010

Cold Morning In Knoxtown

Oh To Live On St. Simons Island Again...

We're really missing our Little Island this morning.  Even little Missy the Turbo Pup limits her time spent outside to trotting across the ice on the deck and stays outside only long enough to do her "business" and then she's blasting back inside through the doggie door.

I have a ton of stuff that I managed to not get done out in the yard before it turned cold and now it's just not my style to go out and work in the crunchy dusting of snow we've gotten over the past 24 hours.

The remnants of my poor old Tomato Plants are still slouching on their cages and supports in the back yard, my Crepe Myrtles need pruning along with a bunch of other shrubs, and narry a Christmas light has been put up on the porch rails and in the evergreens out Front.

I should be in three dirrerent places at once this week, one of them being Indianapolis. Since it's a trip to take another  PLC programming class and I've screwed around and not bought a plane ticket so I'll probably scratch the event and reschedule for later in the winter or better yet wait for spring.

Then a client in Atlanta might need me down there and I have another new Injuneering Project I'm trying to close this week and of course the shop is full with three PLC panels which need completion and there's a couple of pneumatic valves that need tearing down and rebuilding and SooooOOOO...

...Blogging will be hit or miss this week, but I promise to be nice and not piss off any minority groups or diversity groups or endangered feces species as best I can.

But then know me...a grouchy old angry, partly crippled, ever greying, ever balding slightly past middle aged white guy...

...sometimes I just can't help myself keep quiet and then all bets are off. So until next time

Regards Y'all

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