Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy New Year...EARLY

The Month Is Over With For All Intents and Purposes...

Dang it but time is flying by on the calendar these days.  Before we know it it will be 2011, and I have a ton of stuff to accomplish between now and then.

I spent part of yesterday doing yet another home improvement project...enclosing the "portico" entrance to our basement under the front porch.

I'm installing one sash of the window I tore out of the back of the house when I put in a French door going out to the Turbo Pup's deck along with the old front door from the living room into a new short segment of wall so that we will in effect have a little vestibule area about 6' x 10' where I can keep some yard stuff and possibly store some plants inside in the winter.

I'm also looking at grow lamp options now and possibly some form of thermostatically controlled heat capability.

Somebody somewhere once said that "being a homeowner means that no matter where you sit and what you look at you can't help but see something that needs doing..."


Meanwhile, back in my kitchen, I made my first test batch of Chocolate Truffels this week using some flavoring oils I bought last year and didn't have a chance to try out before.  I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself this stuff is so good.

Pat and I have been walking into places and people are actually questioning me as to when my truffles are going to be available.  Apparently they remember that cold dry weather means Truffel season at our house.

I wish I had the patience to put my original scheme into operation and make Truffles for profit, but it's either just too hard or I'm too lazy so once again this year I'll just settle for making ten or twelve dozen and handing them out to friends and acquantences.

Feel free to stop by about 2 PM today and you might be able to get a few samples...

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