Sunday, December 05, 2010

I'm Not Here Blogging To Make You Feel Good

You Can't Control What I Think Or Believe Either...

So the regular readers (and a zillion troll gay rights activist readers) may have noticed that I took the Blog down for a while this weekend.

Prior to that I disabled the comments section and I also had second thoughts about the viability of leaving a series of postings and comments up about some politically correct crap going on out there in the world which I personally happen to disagree with.

After thinking about things for a few days and actually offering an apology for the coarse verbiage and manner in which I first addressed the subject, and with said apology not stopping the unrelentless, escalating barrage of equally insulting comments here directed at me personally...including several threats of violence...

I've decided to bring this near 6 year old blog back up on line for pubic public access...

but with the comments thread still turned off for now because I'm tired of listening to what I consider to be the same old worn out liberal pablum calling me an eco-terrorist or a bigot or a racist or a homophobic no-neck Neanderthal (things I've been called over the course of my blogging experience.)

Frankly I don't give a crap what any anonymous moron or rocket scientist or even well intended "liberator of all things oppressive" thinks about me out there in the ether of cyber space and they're not going to change the way I think and my beliefs at this late point in my life.


What last week's experiences with the coordinated landslide of opposition commentary here did reveal to me was the scope and range my commentary really had here on the Internet.

Thus, I again offer my apology for the way I addressed the subject in a public forum. Beyond that I will remain mute on the subject from here on out.

To all of the comment trolls and activists which stopped by to share your love and opinions, I suggest that you consider policing the attitudes and opinions and actions of those in your own ranks because the commentary I received was at least equal to and in many cases way more over the top--issued in my direction--than anything written by me here.

And finally, I offer that the actions taken against and in disagreement with me only served the purpose of making me realize that I was jeopardizing my participation in several upcoming VERY PROFITABLE business opportunities in the new year and in reality I don't want someone in those enterprises reading a thread like last weeks and dumping me because of the controversy.

So you see, my dear readers and haters, it's not FEAR or COWARDICE under your hysterical onslaught driving my decision making, it's a profit motive which guides my actions and decisions

Not your silly insults and threats.  Got it?

So you can add the label of HARD CORE CAPITALIST to your list of things you hate about me, because I'm going to make as much money in 2011 as I can--more than probably 95% of you--and keep voting to give as little as possible to the government so they can support people sitting on their lazy butts cramming themselves into other peoples lives and wallets.

Y'all have a LOVELY day now...if you will...

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