Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Weather's Going To Kill Me

Carefull What You Wish For...

It was over 60 degrees here at the TurboPup Compound on the Banks of the Mighty Tennessee River this weekend.

Closer to 70 degrees in my back yard this afternoon I think. know me... in a spastic fit of home improvement and landscaping efforts employing pent up energy from enduring a couple of months of snow and ice and just generally crappy weather, I wandered out into my yard with my chain saw and wheel barrow and some other tools and a bunch of good intentions.

I was determined to clear the small overhanging trees and other crap off of my back property line which was shading a good portion of my garden plot last summer.  I also have a gigantic Crepe Myrtle tree on the Southwest corner of the property which was shading another portion of the garden from the sun in the late afternoon which in my mind had to go.

Three hours on Saturday, and another three hours today, and now I have a pile of logs and limbs the size of a small school bus laying there annoying me.  It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and turn cold again this week so processing the pile further and getting a burn permit and disposing of the mess is out of the question for a while.

You know what?

GOOD THING, because I'm such a middle aged wimp that I've seen all I need to see of the Chain Saw and other yard tools for about a month.

So it's back onto the Patent Engineering work and more PLC programming this week sitting like a little nerd in my shop in the basement.

I hope Y'all have a LOVELY week also...

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