Friday, February 04, 2011

One More Down

Hopefully Hundreds More To Go...

I'm pleased to report that after a great deal of stress and strain and huffing and puffing, I finally managed to toss another Custom PLC/Operator Interface panel out the door this afternoon.  My sales rep Harry hauled it off my bench and walked right out the door with it about an hour ago on his way to show it off to everyone.

I've been working on the concept for the past 9 months and it finally started taking physical shape in December and the software was once again a bitch to design and implement because this prototype is a Demo model intended to carry around on sales calls to show potential customers.

I'm still not the best or fastest programmer in the world, but I can build a nice looking panel and wire it up nice and neet and I look forward to getting some more work later this month after I get back from Atlanta and Havre de Gras, Maryland in the next few weeks.

I think I'll take the rest of the week off and go have dinner and drinks at Lakeshore Tavern overlooking the Mighty Tennessee River.  Meet us there about 5 PM for happy hour if you're in the area...

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