Thursday, March 03, 2011

Westward Eastward Bound

I Can Almost Smell The Salt Air...

Well, we're finally off VERY EARLY this morning toward the Georgia Coast and our Little Island of St. Simons for the Rotary Red-Hot Chili Cookoff to be held on Saturday adjacent to St. Andrews Sound in Neptune Park.

We can hardly wait...

In other news, yesterday we had a little excitement while fishing when little Missy the Turbo Pup decided to fall off the dock while chasing a Fish I had just pulled out of the water. We barely had time to react when she took matters into her own hands paws and recovered on her own.

True to her upbringing--having grown up Poolside and at the beach for the first couple of years of her life--after diving a couple of feet under the water she just turned around and popped back up and swam back to the dock as Pat plucked her out of the water by her harness.

I guess that in prudence that there's a Puppy Life Vest in the Turbo Pup's future because in spite of her confidence and ability around water she is after all only 12 pounds and 27 inches long from nose to tip of tail.

Some day she might actually manage to get herself into a situation she can't swim out of and we're unable to snatch her out in 30 seconds or so.

So any way...time to take a shower and finish loading my tooth brush and Pat's and the Turbo Pup's Lockers and Sea Chests into the old Chrysler 300 and Blast East about 7 AM EST.

Wish us a safe journey...If you will...

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