Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live From Lower Alabama

Turbo Pup Two...Catfish Zero...

Well, the good news is that Saturday we successfully completed the first leg of this latest travel adventure, arriving at the old family farm mid afternoon.  It was 80 degrees F with clear skys when we got here...providing nice summer like weather after waking up to 29 degrees F Saturday morning in Knoxtown.

The first order of business was helping my little Sister celebrate her 50th hosting a surprise birthday party with a few family members and friends.

Then after completing those proceeding, we honored little Missy the Turbo Pup's demands that we take her out to the lake to go fishing. (She ran straight down to the water's edge when we first arrived and complained the whole time we made her wait.)

As expected, hilarity ensued, and I managed to land a two pound and a four pound catfish in just a few minutes while the Turbo Pup yipped and yapped and generally raised heck and actually tried to bite both fish while in the landing net on the dock.

She didn't want to leave but the daylight was waning and it was cooling off and our guests were ready to go home.

She put on a pretty good show for everyone still.

With any luck, after church today we're going to go out and set up the camera and tripod and shoot some more footage of the excitement and post it out on YouTUBE and up here on the blog.

Until then...Regard's Y'all...


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