Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy On A Ship Of Fools--Part MMXI

Sailing Past Icebergs Of Insanity...

Let's see now...where do I start ranting this morning?

I could take the easy track and mention the idiot I'm watching right now on Fox News speaking on behalf of the "Whitehouse" defending the Community Organizer in Chief Professional Political Candidate President's latest speech offering to raise taxes and hand out even more government goodies to people that will vote for him.

Bottom line is that the government is populated with a group of people similar to "crackheads" or possibly dope smoking hippies which will never be able to solve the problem we have with more than half of the population being on the public it welfare or unemployment, social security, medicare, and/or Medicaid.

I'm too lazy to do the Google search this morning, but I've read more than once that the idea of "taxing the rich"...besides just being a form of "class warfare"...would not solve the current budget problems we face. Apparently if the government took every single dime of the income/net worth of something like the top 2% of American income earners--a tax rate of 100%--there wouldn't be enough money available to pay our current annual operating budget deficit and pay off the money we've already borrowed from China and the other countries and individuals holding US bonds and IOU's.

I'm not saying that we starve children and retirees mind you, but it's truly a sad state of affairs when the government continues to take money out of the first $106,800 I earn, spend it that day or minute, while at the same time promising to pay me a "retirement benefit" starting sometime between age 62-1/2 or 65.

In fact, they are actually banking on me dieing before I collect any or all of the benefits they promise me, and now they are talking about continuing to take my money every year and then limit what they will pay me if and when I retire and I actually manage to make enough extra money to live comfortably after age 65.

And you know who should be the most pissed off about this current Government ponzi scheme?


Look at the men that manage to stay out of jail and earn a living over a lifetime working...on average...DIE before they collect a single dollar of Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid.

And do you know who on average collects the most benefits from our government's current programs?


Because again on average white women live the longest time past the retirement age of 65 and collect either their own benefits or the "survivor spouse" benefits from their husbands that paid into the "system" but didn't live long enough to get the benefits.

(taking a big breath here boss...)

In other spite of being in a mental funk and still recovering from the pain killer induced hang over from last week's hospital stay, I'm still making slow progress in the PLC system design and programming department here at the International headquarters of PET.

It's really difficult working on stuff this complex virtually alone, but I'm the one that started the company and went out and sold the product so I have no one to blame but myself. sucks sometimes.

The "Highs" are just as high as the "Lows" are low, but in the end the work has to be or not.


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