Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mixed Emotions About April 5th

"I've Seen Fire, And I've Seen Rain..."

About this time exactly ten years ago on a Thursday afternoon (April 5th, 2001), I was coming home from doing some rennovation work on a friend's house. 

When I turned the last corner in my old Chevy Suburban onto my street off of Windy Hill Road in the Atlanta suburbs I was shocked to find a police tape wrapped around my front porch and water running down my driveway and across my front yard.

It seems that my old 1966 vintage four bedroom, two bath brick house I'd been fooling around rennovating  for a few years had burned to the ground in my absence due to what was later determined by the "authorities" to be an "electrical fire."

I wasn't sure what was going to happen from that point forward back then, but yet here I am today...somehow still alive...somehow still managing to make a little money here and there...and somehow managing to survive yet another 38 more hours sitting and rolling around and lying in a hospital posing for X-rays and CAT Scans and acting like a pin cushion for the nurses and phlebotomists in the building.

The good news is that today on April 5th, 2011, I'm back home, feeling a good deal better than I did Sunday afternoon.

And instead of complaining, I'd say I'm still thankful to be here and more resolute than ever to keep on keeping on.

Regard's Y'all...

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