Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Do Noses Run And Feet Smell?

I'm Driving On The Parkway & Parking On The Driveway

Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen...

I admit it candidly.

My life is upside down right now.

That admission coming from a guy who is used to spending most of his life "upside down."

I guess for most people that would mean that things are normal vis a vis rightside up, but still...

My basement production shop is haunted with PLC panel design and fabrication tasks I've been waffling around with for a month now, and my upstairs office is full of festering piles of paperwork including unfinished travel expense forms and IRS crap due by April 15th documenting the first quarter of 2011.

And my mind.  MY MIND?

Besides being full of cobwebs and being paralyzed with indecision, my mind is full of thoughts about sitting on a boat in the Florida Keys right now, or possibly wandering around St. Simons Island, Georgia doing practically nothing all day.

But I can't have the luxury of doing nothing right now or tending the anchor line on a boat.

So you will have to excuse me while I reluctantly get back to work.

Somebody...Anybody...feel free to take the day off but please think good thoughts about me slaving away here at the Turbo Pup Compound on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River in the process.

Be assured if I survive the next 72 hours, in the words of Arnold..."I'll Be Back..." 

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