Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Screw- Top" Versus "Pop-Top"

Relieving The Pressure On My Brain

Well, the good news is that yesterday my girl and my Turbo Pup and I spent an entire day together in the same building for the first time in five days.

Turbo Pup's Mom lounged around recovering from her recent Hospital Resort Vacation.

Turbo Pup relaxed being happy that her entire Pack was back together and she could catch up on her normal 15 hour a day sleeping schedule.

And Me?


I was so busy I actually wore clothes and shoes all day while sitting at home--never left the building.

I needed the clothes and shoes because I had to meet with my PLC programmer in my basement shop in the morning to finally get this latest panel software moving off of dead center.

Then one thing lead to another and I looked up at the clock and it was already 2 PM and I was still fully clothed including shoes.

You see, most of the time around here my attire is at most a tee shirt and lounge pants and socks, and in the warmer months shirts and socks could be considered optional.

Not a pretty sight these days sometimes, but still...

So any wayyy...

Things were bouncing along pretty good until about 2 PM when I finally remembered to call and check on the progress of my professional pipe technicians  linear tubing installers  so called "plumbers" working down in Lower Alabama.

Mom hadn't seen or heard a thing today.

After an exchange of phone calls back and forth from her end, she called me back to report that the owner's wife had cursed her out, and hung up the phone.

I placed a call to their office to confirm that regardless of their intentions, that I was officially terminating their participation in the project, and the stupid lady proceed to call me and Mom--the customers--"incompetent."

When I pointed out that we were the customers and if anyone was "incompetent" it was the owners and some of the people working at Goolsby Brothers Plumbing & Electrical, the lovely woman then proceeded to curse at me and hung up the phone.


I then wrote them a letter and faxed it over with a copy of a check covering the time they had spent out on the property on Monday and further instructed them that they were not to set foot on our property again or we would prosecute them for criminal trespass.

And so now after all of the crap I went through last week calling around looking for a competent plumber, and then flying all the way to Alabama trying to coordinate the effort, I find myself back to square one this morning trying to find someone smart enough to remove some dirt and connect a few elbows and some straight PVC pipe to the existing working piping on a timely basis for a reasonable price.

The good news is that I have two very good prospects...but the project probably will not be finished until next Monday at earliest--a week after we dug the holes and found the pipes.

Oh...WAIT...I almost forgot...

Now, as to the so-called "professional plumbing company" and the sweet, sweet, lovely woman--supposedly the owner's wife--manning the phones over at  Goolsby Brothers Plumbing and Electrical in Enterprise, Alabama?

They are going to rue the day they screwed around and acted like this on a project with a guy that's a blogger and knows how to handle things here on the Internet.

I'm not going the liable/slander route because I don't have to...they gave me enough stuff in less than a week to keep me busy for at least a month warning potential customers about our experience.

I'm starting later this morning with Angie's list.

Then I'll move on to all of the referral web sites that have customer reviews.

Then the Better Business Bureau.

I have a lot of paying things to do right now, but I have a looooonnnnnngggg memory, and any company that would let an employee...let alone the owner's and curse out a senior citizen for no reason, deserves a special place in Hell...

...and I have several ideas how to make sure they enjoy an expedited trip through the gates to their just rewards.

That will be all, for now...Y'all.

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