Monday, June 27, 2011

Increasing My Massive Carbon Footprint

Converting Oxygen To Carbon Dioxide Every Way Possible...

Well, I'm pleased to report that I managed to make it to Havre de Grace by around Noon yesterday. It wasn't exactly EASY.

Two train...and one old van Taxi supplied my method of conveyance.

Then I had some killer Crab Soup and a couple of drinks, and collapsed after a 16 hour day about 3 pm (yes...I was up since 11 PM Saturday night.

I managed to wander back down to the water front about 8:30 PM in time for some dinner, and now I've go to get things together and get over to the plant by the appointed 9 AM time.

Just like my last visit to this Bed and Breakfast, some interesting things happened here which I may write about later, but right now I have to get breakfast and head off into the real world for a few hours.

Y'all have a LOVELY day now...if you will...

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