Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comcast Sucks

No Customer Support...

I just got through spending yet another half hour trying to understand why my so called Comcast "Full Basic" cable TV service has lost it's mind in the past two weeks.

Over that period of time I've come to realize that it is impossible to talk to an English speaking human located within the United States about service related issues.

I have however talked to several individuals named "Peggy" who...regardless of what you tell them the problem is...proceed to read from a script and ask a whole bunch of inane questions as I've explained in an earlier posting.

Generally I think they don't want to (or don't know how to) fix anything really technical, they're just trying to:

A.  Avoid having to send a technician out to your house, and...

B. Keep you on the phone long enough answering stupid questions about things you already know can't be the problem so that you will get pissed off and hang up on them.

I've hung up twice so far in the past week.

Then this morning I spent another half hour trying to trouble shoot my problem using the "Comcast Live Chat" with someone else named "Peggy" and after "verifying my account info twice" (info I had already had to type into a form before the Live Chat session began), and waiting for them to pull up my account, I finally was told that there was a "channel service outage in my area and that they were working on it."

"Sorry for the inconvenience..."

Gee...isn't that lovely.

Here's the deal as I see things with Comcast, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I understand through the process of elimination that Comcast's primary goal is not to service their existing customers/accounts who are already paying monthly a fixed fee regardless of the quality of their product delivered.

Comcast's primary focus is to utilize their resources to direct their limited service personnel in the area of CONNECTING NEW CUSTOMERS to their crappy Cable TV/Internet/VoIP Phone network so they can start billing them full price for partial service.

Thus if I want to establish new service I could have a service technician out here with 3 to 5 days.

And I am 99.9 percent sure that the problem here at my house is in the wire between the house and the utility pole.  I remember that the guy that installed my service 3-1/2 years ago pointed out the age and condition of the wire but didn't have time and materials with him to change it out (he needed a bucket truck.)

He also at the time said "just call if we have trouble and we'll come back out."

But things have worked most of the time since at a semi-acceptable manner (except when it rains) until the past two weeks.

I guess if Comcast keeps screwing around the will be a new Direct TV satellite dish hanging off my house in September.

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Ed Drew said...

It seems a sure thing that if your name is Peggy, you won't go unemployed..