Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Night Good Morning Irene

The Yankees Are Sweating Bullets...

Everyone that stops by here regularly knows that me and my family have dealt with hurricanes for the past nearly 200 years in south Alabama.

Without any FEMA or Salvation Army or other Government/non-Government help.

Yet in spite of more than a dozen substantial Hurricanes passing over or near where I live over the past 51 years and 11 months, I'm still here today.

Now don't get me wrong here Ladies and Gentlemen...I'm not asking that anyone get hurt or that there be any substantial property damage, but still...

I have to take a slight bit of enjoyment watching all of the Big City Liberals up in New York and DC and Boston--those same people that are always looking down on us living here in the south offering advice on how to live our lives and "tutt-tutting" while wagging their fingers--offering advice and federal assistence where generally none was needed or asked for historically.

All I have to say right now about this weekend's weather forecast for New England is this:


I want you to show all of us Rednecks and Hillbillies down here how ya'll do things up NORTH.

(See you Monday if you're still alive and still have power and phones...)


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