Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodnight Irene

Hurricane Season Drives Me On The Road...

So I'm up early this moring in anticipation of catching an 8 AM flight out of Knoxville, going through Memphis, and ending up in Tulsa, Oklahoma later this morning.

Don't ask me why because if I told you the reason I'd have to kill you wrap your head in duct tape and make you watch CNN 24 hours a day for a week (or something like that because it's a secret right now.)

Needless to say the trip has to do with business, and depending on the outcome things could be changing a good deal around here at the Turbo Pup Compound on the Banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

Looking at the weather map, I see where there's a tropical storm named "Irene"running its way through the Lesser Antillles this morning.

This one could be the first real storm the Atlantic or Gulf Coast has seen in a couple of years based on the dynamics of the upper and lower level weather patterns, but I don't have time this morning to explain it to you.

Go do your own homework and write me a 250 word answer to my question.

And  wish me luck and a safe return on my journey...if you will...

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Ed Drew said...

finally in the same city. Just read where you came through Memphis this AM. well, I'm here in my Grandson's apartment, which is under the glide path (coming in from the East). Hope you have good luck in Tulsa.