Monday, September 26, 2011

Headin' Back To The Puppy Beach This Morning

Somebody's Got To Do It I Guess...

We've learned that the new pet friendly beach down the road about five minutes from here at the new development called the Pier Park is pretty cool.

It's not just a giant long fishing pier on the Gulf of Mexico with a football field sized section of beach reserved as "Pet Friendly", but there's also an extensive outdoor "shopping mall" type complex with practically every bar and restaurant and store on the planet across the street from the beach.

The Turbo Pup has been there for a couple of hours the past two mornings and if you go at 7 AM there's only a half dozen people and one or two other dogs wandering around so we sort of ignore the "leash laws" and just let her hang around with us.

Pat's been taking her ten or twenty yards offshore in the flat water and turning her loose and letting her swim back to shore by herself.  She then comes up on the beach towels and wallows all around and then runs back to the edge of the surf and they do it all over again.

I have the best beach dog in the whole world in my opinion...all 13 pounds worth loves the salt air and water and sand.

Y'all have a LOVELY week while our vacation antics continue...

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