Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Just Can't Have Any More Fun ...

Than The Turbo Pup Is Having...

Needless to say our little Missy The Turbo Pup is worn out every day by dark.

I'm real tired way before then but then again I'm OLD and getting started on the beach before 7:30 AM takes a real effort on my part.

Amazingly, the new beach front pet friendly park the City has constructed is totally under-utilized. I guess that it could be because the tourists don't know about it and few locals are able to come out on week days because of their jobs.

Yesterday we were the only party sitting on the two hundred yard long stretch of beach and the Turbo Pup was the only dog running around chasing her toys.

Regardless, with the change of rules at our condo allowing pets and the new pet beach we've had a prefect beach trip with everyone getting to do what they want to do in good measure.

The surf and pier fishing has been real slow according to the locals and we walked the docks over where the charter boats are docked and all of the boats were in with few opportunities to sign up for a split trip--so I guess I probably won't go fishing this year.

The price of Diesel fuel has trips running $450 per half day (4 hours) where I'm used to paying more like $360 but it has been 10 years since I did a trip out of Panama City so I guess it's not unreasonable for inflation to raise prices.

So now an hour from now we'll load everybody up in the car and head back over to the puppy beach for a couple of hours, then home for brunch and then out to the pool and beach this afternoon.

I'll drink a drink with a little umbrella in it for you again if you want me to...and y'all have a LOVELY day...

...if you will.

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