Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've Got My "Pirate" Groove Back On

"Argggggghhh Me Maties..."

I was really beginning to be afraid that like Samson cutting his hair because of Delilah in the Biblical story, that somehow I had severed my connection with the Ocean and the Beach in the past half dozen weeks.

Remember that the long hair/pony tail disappeared last month for professional reasons, and then when I returned to my home port/childhood beach a couple of days ago the karma was just weird and I was too busy being tired and distracted to actually leave the condo and go outside.

Fortunately yesterday everything changed, and time warped and the planets re-aligned and at about 7 AM I found myself sitting on the "pet friendly" section of the locale beach with Pat and the Turbo Pup just being completely useless.

The Turbo Pup ran and ran and ran and swam until she was exhausted. I sat on a beach towel and basically did nothing...something which I have a Phd in the advancement of the art.

Then we came back to the Condo and Pat went to the Pool while I watched the Georgia Tech Football team go 4-0 for the season...beating North Carolina at home in a tightly contested game 35 to 28.

Starting out this Football Season un-ranked, and last week only being Number 25, Tech has in only four games amassed over 2100 total offensive yards and scored 210 points.

Our opponents have only scored 94 points in this process...

This means that my beloved Georgia Institute of Technology Football program is leading the nation in offense and scoring.

I don't want to jinx things or otherwise gloat, but being a GT Football fan since 1977 I have to crow a little when things go this good. This season is starting out like the 1990 season when GT split the NCAA Div I national championship with Colorado.

They still have seven more games to play including rivals Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and of course the cross state rivals Georgia...but I'M FIRED UP FOR MY YELLOW JACKETS.

And meanwhile, back here on the beach...I have a date with my puppy at the puppy beach in a couple of hours, and then I'm planning on taking a nap poolside in the shade before lunch.

Regards Y'all...

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