Saturday, September 03, 2011

My "Wee Pub" Prototype

Picture This Room Squeezed Down to 12 Feet x 11 Feet...

I think that anyone that's in the Architucture or Engineering Business, as well as many other Graphic Artists in various professions and endeavors, understand what it means to say that you have a vision or otherwise you "see in your head" a theme and design concept which you try to express in the form of drawings and finally replicate through the builder/constructor ending up with a finished product.

This morning I found this picture of this very large basement pub built in someone elses' house in 1974...but in essence it describes EXACTLY the concept I've been trying to produce in my little project in my basement.

Just imagine the whole thing squeezed down to the dimensions as stated in my subtitle ...actualy 12'-4-1/2" x10'-9 1/2" in real life.

Still...I can get the same character and feel in my little space, and based on the current cost estimates instead of $27,000 I can pull the whole thing off here for $2,700 or so with the realities of the reduced footprint and the fact that we don't know enough people here in Knoxtown to fill a bar room larger that the one currently under construction the limited flooplan size really justifies the sanity of my efforts.

All of that said, the second coat of paint on the ceiling is drying and it's time to put the second coat of Poly on the stair treads laying out in the carport.

Talk to Y'all later I guess...

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