Friday, September 02, 2011

Let's Get This Straight One More Time

Are You Listening?

My head is ready to explode with all of this BS talk about the Federal Government's role in  "CREATING JOBS."

Apparently a lot of People...and particularly Politicians...actually believe today that it is somehow the role of the Government--Federal And State and Local--to create jobs.

In my considered Redneck Opinion...all the Government does is steal money, waste it on Government jobs paying twice as many people three times as much money as the position is worth to do half the work...

...while at the same time making it harder and harder for entrepreneurs and existing business owners to make a living.

I've over the past 21 years incorporated three different companies.  The last one going on three years ago as a result of leaving an Island on the Atlantic Ocean to take a job here in Knoxville with a company which worked doing design and engineering work primarily for the Coal Fired Power Plant Industry.

Within two months of Obama's election that company was out of business.

No surprise--since the "Community Organizer In Chief" stated out loud that he was going to  (paraphrasing here) "bankrupt coal companies while at the same time necessarily making the price of electricity skyrocket."

Today I have a small corporation doing design and fabrication for the Plastics Industry...people that make bottles like Catsup and Gatorade is sold in at the Grocery store.

You know what I spend 10% to 25% of my time doing (depending on the month and time of the year like Corporate Tax Season in March)?

Filling out stupid assed forms and writing checks to pay taxes and fees on a company which has yet to turn a substantial profit.

You want to know how I believe our government can improve the job situation in this country?



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