Sunday, October 09, 2011

Real Estate Idiots

Almost As Bad As Used Car Salesmen Sales Persons...

I wish I could get into a position in life where I could be a complete incompetent idiot, sit around with my thumb up my butt, and still be able to look people in the eye and make them pay me cash for doing virtually nothing.

Doesn't that seem like the perfect job description if you have no self esteem and conscience?

Well, since I have a HUGE ego and a great deal of self esteem, and my Dear Mother endowed me with a conscience which tortures me when I don't do what I'm supposed to do, I guess that apparently I'm not cut out to be a Real Estate Agent (or a used car salesman.)

Don't get me wrong here this morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm not saying that all people in the Real Estate Business are bad people or thieves or are incompetent...

...I'm just saying that I am like a magnet which attracts Agents which "sell like hell" when trying to get my business but then disappear over the horizon and drop the proverbial ball when it comes time to actually produce a my case leasing my house and leasing me a furnished Condo and a long term home rental later.

I've also known a couple of great Real Estate Agents and Brokers over the past 26 years I've been buying and selling homes and investment properties, but they have been few and far between for some reason.

I've already fired one idiot in the past week that wanted to handle leasing out my home here in Knoxtown, and if the next idiot which came along and took pictures and signed an agreement for services and took $100 of my money as a down payment/"set-up fee" doesn't get off of his ass and get some pictures up on his website tomorrow--SEVEN DAYS AFTER THE AGREEMENT--along with a written description which isn't full of typographical errors, I guess I'll have to fire him also.

I think I'll go find my old pair of worn out steel toed boots in anticipation of sticking my FOOT UP HIS ASS if he gives me any further trouble.

Is it just me?

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