Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Have An Announcement

Big Changes A Comin' To The Turbo Pup Compound...

I have to finally confess something here this morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

The Turbo Pup is moving cross country.

To Tulsa, Oklahoma...actually.

OK, really the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to be exact.

You see, her dad (that would be me) has been wined and dined and courted by a company out there to relocate so I can do Injuneering for them working in Oil Refineries all over this Hemisphere of the planet if not the entire WORLD.

It's a pretty big step for me and my family, but they offered to cover all of our costs to relocate from Tennessee to Oklahoma and give me the opportunity to spend the next ten or fifteen years of my professional career doing what I really do best--industrial stacks and other steel structural elements like ductwork and the like, and when everything was put on paper it was an opportunity I just couldn't turn down.

So over the next few weeks, like the past few days, my blogging will be hit or miss as I continue to plan our move and wind down my business dealings with my own little group of Corporate customers here at Plastics Engineering Technologies.

I'm negotiating/managing THREE leases--this house here in Knoxtown, a temporary furnished Condo in Tulsa, and a long term lease on a house beginning sometime in November/December when I finally move Pat and Missy out there, so I'm sure you will understand why I'm up to my eyeballs with stuff and don't have time to Blog.

(Of course I reserve the right to blast off a good rant if something catches my eye in the news, but until then...Regards Y'all...)  


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"Livin' on Tulsa Time"

Ed Bonderenka said...

Good on ya!