Saturday, November 05, 2011

Date With Reba Last Night

And The Ground's Shaking Here In Tulsa

The good news this morning is that the movers managed to show up a little after 9 AM yesterday and off load all of our stuff into the appropriate rooms in the new house by about 2 PM.

By 5 PM we realized how we had been basically running on adrenalin for the past week and were ready to collapse on the bed or sofa, but we couldn't because I had earlier bought second row center stage tickets at the BOK Center (Bank of Oklahoma Center) located a few blocks from my downtown temp condo to see Reba McEntire.

I'm really not a modern country music fan...being more of a Hank Williams Sr./Johnny Cash sort of old school guy, but let me tell you...

Reba is one CLASS ACT and she puts on one HECK of a show.

When the music finally stopped a little before 11 PM we wandered back over to  The Cellar Dweller Bar for a nightcap, and came home to the condo and just DIED.

In fact, we slept so hard that we missed the 2:12 AM earthquake measuring 4.7 which occurred between Tulsa and Oklahoma City...with FIVE additional 3.0+ aftershocks which have occurred since.

Talk about getting an interesting greeting to our new city...

So any way, now it's time to head back over to the new house and face unpacking all of our "stuff" still sitting in boxes.

If you are near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, feel free to stop by and lend us a hand.

Regards Y'all...

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