Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Moving... Day Two

Most Of My "Stuff" Is On The Truck

Well, we had another long day yesterday with my "moving crew" forcing all of the stuff sitting around on the main level of the house out the door and into the tractor/trailer we had shoe-horned into the driveway.

Then about 3 PM they realized how much crap I had laying around in the basement and everyone shifted gears into "OVERDRIVE" and they managed to get it all into boxes and out the door so as of about 6 PM the truck was headed to the local transport yard and we were headed to dinner and back to the hotel.

For some insane reason I'm going back over there this morning and slapping some paint on the wall behind the bar and cleaning up a few other details before putting the last stuff in our new/used Audi Q7 Quattro (I forgot to mention we replaced the old Chrysler 300 with a newer used SUV on Sunday) and heading west on Interstate 40 toward Memphis.

My head is SPINNING...ladies and gentlemen, but all for good reasons as Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup and I head west toward Tulsa, Oklahoma...ending a wonderful four and one half year existence here on the banks of the mighty Tennessee River.

Life is full of surprises until you stop living I guess...We're completely amazed at the curve balls being thrown at us every day.

Wish us luck...if you will...and have at least half as much fun as we're having...Y'all...

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