Friday, November 04, 2011

We Made It!!!

I Just Hope All Of Our Stuff Does...

Yesterday at about 2:30 PM we arrived at our new home here in the eastern suburbs of Tulsa. 

It's considered Broken Arrow as far as the school system is concerned (which is a good thing), but technically it's outside the Broken Arrow city limits as well as the Tulsa city limits but for some reason the US Postmaster assigned our neighborhood "Tulsa" when the dust settled.

So any way, Pat and little Missy the Turbo Pup got to see where they were going to be living for the first time and I got to finally spend a couple of extra hours in the building and I have to tell you we REALLY have a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

The best part of the deal for me is that we will live only 15 minutes from my office and about 20 minutes from the Tulsa airport so my life will be low stress and continue on the path of maximizing my pleasure and limiting the crap like traffic I put up with in Atlanta for 27 years.

Of course Pat will continue to telecommute from her new home office using the Internet so she will be working in her pajamas every day if she wants to, and the Turbo Pup will be in charge of giving everyone a good barking when needed to get things under control in the new neighborhood.

(As an interesting side note, our lot backs up onto a giant undeveloped piece of property and while looking over the fence yesterday I noticed what appeared to be giant hoof prints in the mud and several artifacts which appeared to be "Cow Pies" laying around on the ground.  If in fact we have livestock living on the other side of our rear fence it's going to be interesting to see how our little 12 pound Turbo Pup reacts when she sees an animal weighing 1000 pounds.)

The "moving crew" is supposed to show up about 9:00 AM, so I guess I better finish doing my news reading and get some more shut eye.

Y'all have a LOVELY Friday, and wish us luck dragging everything off of the Tractor Trailer...

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