Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life In The Fast Lane

Doing Oklahoma At High Speed...

Well, we sort of took the day off yesterday after expending a whirlwind of energy over the past couple of weeks settling into a new town, a new job, and a new house full of boxes needing unpacking.

Speaking of boxes...I can make you a DEAL on used packing boxes if you need any...half price...but I digress.

So any way... we lounged around all Saturday morning basically doing nothing, and then we spent the afternoon driving our good friend "Ski" back over to Oklahoma City in order for her to be able to catch her noon flight today heading across almost half of the country back over to our little Island of St. Simons on the Georgia Coast.

Interestingly enough, affording expediting our local travels we've found that the state of Oklahoma has very liberal speed limit laws on the Interstate Highways.  For instance, in yesterday's venture to the west along I-44...a toll road running between Tulsa and Oklahoma City...the speed limit was set at 75 MPH in rural areas and even 60 or 65 MPH here in the Tulsa city limits.

In the end, Miss Ski managed to knock our socks off with her decorating efforts in the main areas of the house (and pushing the vacuum cleaner around about every 15 minutes it seemed), and so when the dust settled so to speak all I have left to do is basically the office and garage areas of the building to straighten out and organize whatever is left in the brown boxes stacked along the walls and in the corners of the rooms.

Today would be a success if :

A. I could get a new refrigerator for the kitchen on order to be delivered this week since we've been living out of coolers stocked with bags of ice thus far...and

B. I could go out and buy a new 56" TV which will fit in the new living room entertainment center cabinet my girls (Pat and Ski and Missy the Turbo Pup) went out and bought for me on Friday and had delivered as a surprise.

Other than that, we're living life LARGE out here in and on the southern plains of the US mid-west, and now it's time to get back to looking at some drawings I did last week getting them ready to turn in Monday morning as I start my third project and get down to doing the business I was hired to do.

Y'all have a LOVELY Sunday...If you will... 

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