Friday, November 18, 2011

Flame Proof Clothes

I Need A Nomex Jumpsuit?

I'm pleased to report that I managed to sleep my way out of the grip of the creeping crud which was attempting to take over my lungs earlier this week and managed to get back to work yesterday and put in a full day with a reasonable level of concentration and clarity.

When I first arrived in Tulsa about a month ago I really hadn't considered certain issues relating to the dangers of working in and around equipment in oil refineries.

Oh sure, I've spent most of my professional career working around hot dangerous stuff like steam boilers in paper mills, power plants, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities, but virtually ZERO time around places containing high pressure hot fluids which are FLAMMABLE.

Thus the realization of the realities of working in a refinery.

At work yesterday we wandered over to the warehouse in our complex where they stored the "safety gear" and when I left the building I had in my possession a hard hat, two kinds of safety glasses, gloves, and finally...

a Nomex jump suit...

...made out of the same material NASCAR drivers and Air Force Fighter Pilots wear when doing their jobs.

A fire proof suit of clothes.

When I told my buddy Rusty about the new clothes he quipped that I could have probably used such attire several times before in my life.

Episodes dealing with an ex-wife and a former business partner come to mind come to think.

So any way...the beginning of my second month (first full time month) of employment as "Lead Structural Engineer" finds me busy with training and processing a light work load as I settle into the position, and on that note it's time to get back to some productive work looking at fun things like National Engineering Design Code issues I'm dealing with this week.

Regards Y'all...

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