Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Day...Another Dollar

Earned or Spent?

I'm sorry to admit that I'm stranded in a winter malaise of indecision.

It's so nice outside that I find my mind wandering to the pool and the beach and my bicycle, but then the couch takes over and I wake up having snoozed the better part of the afternoon away being useless and listening to talk radio.

I ran around again today looking for a giant blob three or four pounds of potter's clay to do a quick sculpture to enter in this year's Coastal Heritage Art Exhibit.

My efforts failed.

I won second place last year with my photo submission, but even though I knew that this year's deadline was approaching I found myself without anything in my inventory to submit and by the time I came up with a concept and theme it would appear to be too late.

I took the small blob of clay that I purchased last week for a prototype model and smashed it up and made a giant 3" olive for my friend Brenda to use in a humongous martini glass over at her nearby wine shop...The 19th Hole Package Store.

I'm using a bamboo barbeque skewer as a toothpick, and the results should make a nice finish on a front counter display in her store.

All I have to do is wait for it to finish drying, toss on another coat of green paint and color the pimento red, and I'm good to go.

Time to do some more reading now...or maybe I'll take another nap...

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