Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Have A Nice Glass of Orange Juice, And Put It On My Tab

That Global Warming Trend...She Be A Real Bitch

Quick, everyone...run to the grocery store


It seems that most of the California Citrus Crop has been destroyed by cold weather in the last few days.

The weekend's bone-chilling weather has caused widespread crop damage and other effects from the San Joaquin Valley to the Imperial Valley, and could top agricultural losses seen in the last major freeze in California nearly a decade ago. California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura toured a Ventura packinghouse today and viewed damage to local strawberries, citrus and avocados."They got hurt pretty bad Sunday morning.

The wind and irrigation water that farmers tried to use to protect crops didn't work too well," Kawamura said. "It certainly appears that this will be very similar if not exceed the damage from the 1998-99 freeze."In the 1998 freeze, $700 million in agricultural damage occurred across eight counties. Kawamura said this freeze was more widespread. Three consecutive nights of sub-freezing weather beginning Friday night froze navel oranges, lemons and tangerines in the San Joaquin Valley, and damaged avocados from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

Artichokes in Castroville and strawberries in Santa Maria sustained damage. Kawamura said even winter vegetable crops in the Imperial Valley endured critically cold temperatures.

I guess that my Guacamole dip prices will be going up also.

Damn this Global Warming...How can I continue to eat and gain weight with stuff like this going on??

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