Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cuba Versus Puerto Rica

I Say Let China & Japan Give Them The Same Treatment as Hawaii…

What kills me about the so called intelligent political dialogue (or lack thereof) concerning the current invasion of wetbacks illegal immigrants guest workers and, while we're at it, the US foreign policy in the Middle East, is the lack of consistency with regard to race and culture.

If you honestly believe that the US ended its policy of expansion and colonialism in 1959 when Hawaii became the 50th state, what do you have to say about Puerto Rico and other overseas “possessions” like America Samoa?

Just because most of their citizens can’t swim, sail a ship, or otherwise choose to stay on their home soil, are we and they any better off than say…the citizens of Mexico---particularly the ones still living in Juarez?

How can their residents continue to be forced (or allowed) to live in squalor, with US tax subsidies and other massive funding laid on the backs of US taxpayers, without any standards and oversight other than a slap on the ass and the emergence of an occasional professional baseball player and a cheep supply of rum and cigars?

Worst of all, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba are right here within a few hundred miles in our own hemisphere and fall into this same category of third world “Plantation countries“ owned and operated by displaced citizens living here in the US.

If they had a few more guns, some explosives, and more than a minority of citizens content with singing in nightclubs, cooking in restaurants, and smoking marijuana, we’d all be in big trouble in my book.

The good news is that apparently Fidel Castro is on his last legs, and if we can’t manage to toss a few hundred million taxpayer dollars at ensuring that that situation gets straightened out upon his death, I’m thinking about just folding up my tent, packing up my pots and pans, and moving my ever balding, ever greying, lard assed redneck carcass off to somewhere like Belize or Costa Rica .

Please write if you can’t call…

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